Content Management

Take the controls to update your website

Have you got a new product or service you’d like to offer your customers that you didn’t have when your website was built? Perhaps you’re moving office, or simply want to add or change news and events on your website.

You can have your hands on the controls – by accessing the site yourself you can update the contents via your chosen browser so that it looks professional and meets its full potential.

This is called content management, because you get to manage the contents of your website, and is very simple to use.

With content management, you can:

  • Alter the text on the page
  • Change your pictures, including the position, size and adding new ones
  • Edit your downloadable files, such as pdf, Word and Excel documents
  • Update your news and event listings and the dates they appear.

You’ll get a user name and password, which you be entered on the DCL website log in page. You can then change the contents of your website using Internet Explorer.

To find out more about making your website really up-to-date, contact DCL on 01268 414243.

Content Management