System Support

Your very own IT department at a fraction of the cost

When your computer system fails, it’s reassuring to know you can get them swiftly fixed so you can continue with the minimum disruption to your business.

You could choose to call someone every time there’s a problem, hoping you can afford the call-out charge – and that someone is available.

Or you might prefer the expensive option of an in-house IT department, with one or many employees paid whether they’re needed or not, and what do you do when they go on holiday?

With DCL that’s simply not necessary.

You can have confidence in receiving the following services when you need them:

  • With multiple engineers available, you’ll always have someone on the end of the phone
  • You’ll have all the advantages of an IT department, but working from the Datastore offices at less cost to you
  • You’ll receive regular checks to ensure you server is working correctly, that all backups are working and all security updates are being installed.

By setting up a standard support contract with DCL, you can receive remote and telephone support from the DCL offices as and when you need it.

This will cover most problems that occur. On the rare occasions when you need technicians to come to your office, you’ll find our team are business-aware and conscious of the importance of keeping your business operating.

To use Datastore Computing Ltd as your IT department, call now on 01268 414243 and get your computers working for you.

System Support

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