Business Reporting

How well is your business performing?

As a business owner you’ll regularly want to know how well your business is performing. Most businesses have software that stores this information in a database.

However, many businesses have to gather this information from many databases, looking at several reports. For example, Sage payroll has your staffing costs, Sage accounts has your purchase costs, but a separate Access database stores all the job details.

You could have all this information put together in one report, telling you how much a specific job makes, taking into account staff costs and parts costs.

If you’re starting to think of all the different places where information is gathered in your organisation and, if you could only pull it all together easily, how much more powerful your management information could be – that’s exactly what could be done.

You’ll be surprised at how much more information you have that you’re not using, so call DCL now on 01268 414243 to start finding out exactly how well your business can perform.

Business Reporting