Would you like software that saves you time and money?

As a business owner you are likely to have come across Sage accounts. This is a very popular piece of business software for payroll and accounting, but sometimes Sage doesn’t quite do everything you would like it to.

However, you can make Sage perform additional tasks by customisation.

DCL can make your Sage accounts package work in two different ways:

  • To produce customised reports from the Sage data to show how your business is running. E.g. which departments are the most profitable
  • To add features onto Sage so that it works the way you want to.

For example, a clothing company saved time and money by having DCL create an add-on for Sage which allowed them to list one item of clothing, with various size and colour options.

Without the software they would had to have created an entry for the same item of clothing multiple times, as each size and colour combination would need to be listed separately. Imagine the days of work saved every time a new range of clothing was released!

To start looking into how your software can be customised to suit the way your business works, call DCL now on 01268 414243.