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Would you risk losing all your business data?

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Imagine one day you start working on your computer, only to find that absolutely everything is gone – your accounts, documents and client details, perhaps your diary, even your software are all lost forever because your hard drive has failed.

How long would your business cope?

What many people don’t realise is that the most unreliable part of your computer is the hard drive – the place where you keep all your important information and software.

You risk permanently losing all your data if you don’t keep copies of it safe, and there are simple ways you can do this to achieve peace of mind.

Through many years’ experience, DCL has come to the conclusion that the simplest and most cost-effective method is on-line backup. Once it’s set up, you don’t have to do a thing as it copies all your data automatically.

Having compared many on-line backup options on the market, DCL recommends you use Perfect Backup for cost, reliability, technical support (which comes free) and security.

So that you can compare this method with other common forms of backup, below you’ll find a list of details.

You don’t have to risk losing all your vital business data. Call DCL now on 01268 414243 and gain peace of mind.

Backup method: Perfect Backup
Price: £25.00

Running Costs
Depends on the amount of data: eg 10GB costs £27.50 per month.

Data is stored in three separate locations. Should your computer fail, your will be able to download your data is any machine via your account name and password. As the system is automatic and runs in the background, you do nothing once it has been set up.

Technical Support
Free of charge. Support is available online or, more importantly, at the end of the phone!

To backup and restore your data you need to know your account name and password. No one can read your data unless you tell them to.

Backup method: Tape Streamer
Price: A minimal backup solution starts at £550.

Running Costs
As tapes wear out, you should budget to replace them every two years. From £4 – £45 on average per month.

You should remember to change tapes so they don’t wear out, and take them home so there are at least two tapes off-site in case of fire or burglary. Many people forget.

Technical Support
Most technical support is by the company who wrote the software, costing from about £50 per hour.

As most tapes are not secure, anyone with the same tape drive and software can read your data.

Backup method: CD/DVD
Price: Free

Running Costs
Blank CDs and DVDs start from around 20p each, so if you back up every working day it works out to around £4 per month.

As there are no guarantees on the reliability of CDs or DVDs and no quoted figures, it is hard to say how reliable this method is. This method has similar problems with remembering to back up your data. It is not recommended for business-critical data.

Technical Support
There is usually little or no support as the disk drives are usually supplied with the computer and most manufacturers do not offer this level of support.

Most computers should be able to read CDs and DVDs unless you have installed some encrypting software and know how to use it.