Website Hosting

Businesses that stay online

So, you have created a lovely new website design only to have an unreliable server – so that when your customers look for your business online, all they see is an error message!

A server delivers the web pages to the browser – in simplistic terms, think of it like a shop and your website is the advertisement card in the window where everyone can see it. When the server goes down, it’s like putting the shutters down on the shop window.

By letting DCL take care of hosting your website, you can be confident that the server won’t go down for the following reasons:

  • A generator keeps the server running in the event of a power cut
  • With multiple internet connections to the server, your business will stay online even if one or two connections fail
  • The risk of your website being hacked is minimised due to high security – there’s restricted entry to the building and all servers are high level security password-protected
  • Multiple servers mean in the rare circumstances that one fails, your website can be swiftly moved to another one so you’re quickly up and running again.

There are two basic types of hosting account available to you at DCL:

The Standard Hosting account: This will likely meet your needs if you have just one or two websites.

The Reseller Hosting account: If you have several websites or you wish to resell hosting to your clients, then this will suit you better.

If you want to know more about how DCL can host your website, call now on 01268 414243 and get your business securely online.

Website Hosting