Web Services

Websites that work for you

How often do you turn to the web when you want to know more about a company, or perhaps to check out a product before you buy it? These days it is essential that your business has its own website – your customers will expect it and you’re more likely to pick up new customers or clients.

However, there’s more to it than simply having a website. Making sure that your website works well is another matter, a really effective website helps you to sell your products or services and promote your business to potential customers.

You can get assistance with a range of web services from DCL:

  • Website hosting: You can host your website on a range of reliable servers that are compatible with most website technologies – all of them in secure data centres with data backed up regularly
  • Website creation: If your website doesn’t look good or doesn’t connect with visitors well, then potential clients will look elsewhere. You can make sure you have an attractive, functional and easy-to-use site that communicates well to your visitors
  • Content management: You can save money on the running costs of your website by holding the controls – you can access the site yourself to update the contents simply by using Internet Explorer. No more paying expensive designers every time!

To start creating your online business presence, call DCL now on 01268 414243.

Web Services